Is it true that for some cars nowadays, 90,000+ miles is "just getting started" and possibly OK to buy?

I need to sell a late model lo-miles car & buy a cheap one & have lots of cash left over. I keep seeing Toyotas, Subarus, etc. with like 150,000 or even 180,000 miles and the sellers want $5,000-7,000 for them! Is this a sucker's bet? I used to buy cars only if they had less than 50,000 on the clock, but those are over my budget now.

NachoMahma8 years ago
. Cars that haven't been mistreated have been reliable for 150K miles and more for at least a decade and a half. The days of 100K and it's shot are gone. . A car with 150K on the clock can be worth that much if it has been treated well. Keep in mind that nearly everyone asks for more than they will take. . heehee I bought a brand new '79 Camaro Berlinetta (the "luxury" model), for ~$7600. A similar 10 year old model would cost the same (or more) nowadays. That's Life.
Phil B8 years ago
I have a '99 Oldsmobile Alero (similar to a Pontiac Gran Am) with 90K miles. It runs and works as well as when I got it at 19K miles. When I took it to order new tires the guy at the front desk said as long as I continue to change the engine oil every 3K miles and service the transmission every 30K miles, it should easily go 250K miles, maybe more.
lemonie8 years ago
In the UK we have Parkers Google for "used car guide" and see if you can find something similar stateside?