Is it wrong for my health? I know it's wrong but!!!

I just swallowed  abut 3 teaspoons of coffee,drank a glarss of pepsi, about 200ml of 42% alcohol cane liquor at a party. what are the effects? quick buffor i fueint outt

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frollard6 years ago
You will be intoxicated. Drink plenty of water to mitigate the effects of the inevetable hangover. That's somewhere between 6-8 drinks on an essentially empty stomach (hard drinks).

Water, water now.

Do not question it. Drink water.
ARJOON (author)  frollard6 years ago
is vomitting part of it?
frollard ARJOON6 years ago
Definitely could be. You drank 6-8 drinks out of 1 cup. Drink water.
ARJOON (author)  frollard6 years ago
did you know that ilike your very quickreponse? highway manhighway!!!!
aeray6 years ago
Don't get discouraged, you'll get better with practice...
lemonie6 years ago

I know people who will regularly "trash" themselves with cocaine, MDMA, alcohol, marijuana and nicotine - they do OK.
In both cases it isn't really something to be recommended.

Quite a lot of alcohol there, that's a bit stupid really.

ARJOON (author)  lemonie6 years ago
that was very stupid this night. aww my head
lemonie ARJOON6 years ago

Glad you lived.
I know people who have woken up in hospital with tubes in their orifices due to excessive drinking.
-Did you want to be that trashed, or were you just finding out what it's like?

ARJOON (author)  lemonie6 years ago
very bad experience. it was my first time. my cousin went to the hospital due to some abnormal erection, he drank nearly 5 bottles of guiness beer. now it's alright. will never be tempted again. :(
lemonie ARJOON6 years ago
If you want to get really-trashed on something, pay good money for some good medication.
Taking an awful lot of anything isn't good.

iceng6 years ago

PLEASE  Let me come to your next party.
ARJOON (author)  iceng6 years ago
another party on 26november at 20°18'21.23"S 57°21'57.41"E
no alcohol this time for me.
iceng ARJOON6 years ago
Thank you, I'm looking at the possible travel connects just for fun :-D
Kiteman6 years ago
I'm guessing this is an early step in your exploration of booze?

Depending on your previous track record with alcohol, you're going to be somewhere between squiffy and blotto, yet a bit too buzzed to fall asleep quickly.

Drink plenty of water, be ready to vomit, then eat something salty and drink more water.

Put a glass of water, packet of pain killers and a packet of salted nuts beside your bed to combat any potential hangovers in the morning.
rickharris6 years ago
Your going to die - but more than likely not for a few years yet,
I guess you may be sick - I would be

You may be harbouring trouble for the future Abusing your body isn't a good way to go on.

Depending on your body mass you may be wise to see a hospital with that much alcohol but by now it's probably too late. :-(