Is leather considered a man-made material?

You see, I recently bought a pair of boots that I assumed were leather. When I checked the materials list though it said it was "Constructed of All Man-Made Materials. So what gives???

Well, leather is made from animal hides. It's then shaved, tanned, and stretched. There's a big difference between the hide that comes straight from the animal and the leather products people make from it. So you could say it's a man-made material BUT: At least in North America, a "Genuine Leather" label should be present on any leather goods you find in stores. It's usually safe to assume that if there is no such label, the article isn't made with leather. Still, there are exceptions... Handcrafted items sold at farmers markets might not be labeled. In these cases, you really have to examine the material closely.
Gorfram7 years ago
Um, no. I'm afraid your original assumption was wrong. But they might still be a very good pair of boots.