Is mac or windows better??

I'm wondering what is the superior OS. Mac or Windows?

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led2357 years ago
 WINDOWS IS TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've never had a Mac because they're REALLY expensive and I'm not that much of  a computer person. I'm frequently disappointed with Windows, especially when all they ever do is change the formatting and it just makes it more complicated.
ReCreate8 years ago
The Chicken Will Be windows The egg will be Mac. This Question is Like the Chicken and the Egg,What came First? God created the Chicken And the Chicken Laid an egg,Windows Wins. Now,If you want to get More specific,Windows Vista Loses Over Mac Os Windows Xp Wins Over Mac OS Windows 7 Wins Over Mac Os Windows 3.1 Wins Over Mac Os 1.0
 Mac OS X Snow Leopard Wins over:
Windows Xp
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Can your mac do this?
!(programming joke)
Nothing wins over Windows 7.
 Try  visiting a mac store and have a play around on some of the computers to get a feel for them and get your questions answered then you will now the basic differences between the two.
dombeef8 years ago
Mac= Win

But windows has more applications for it but mac has a greater virus protection.
I have both
I used to love Windows and loathe Mac. Then we bought an OSX Leopard mac, and now I love Mac and loathe Windows. Windows just drives me around the bend, down the road and up the wall, but Mac has a certain simplicity to it. Sure, there are programs that you have no idea what they do, but they are frankly better. I have worked on windows for several years, but you have a frickload of problems in windows that you just don't get in Mac.
iPodGuy8 years ago
That's like asking "What's better - chocolate or vanilla?" You'll never get a straight answer I don't think.
lukeyj15 (author)  iPodGuy8 years ago
What do you prefer?? I like 
Me too 
Holden_vy_s8 years ago
Are you; A person that likes to customize things? Windows. Enjoys games? Windows. Like to pinch pennies? Windows. In my opinion, id go with a Windows based computer. Pretty much anything a Mac can do, Windows can do, if not better. There is a risk of getting a virus on both OS's, but Mac's have a smaller virus count because of the small amount of users using it. Windows is a OS that you need to learn to use, learn not to open stupid files and learn to keep your system co-ordinated. Mac is an OS for people who do not wish to do those, they would prefer to have something that they could open a program, do what they need then close it. They do not care for optimizing and customizing.
kelseymh8 years ago
Both. Or neither. The answer is context and application dependent.
Like everyone says, the superior OS is the one that works best for you. I would suggest checking out the different OS's (ask a friend if you can mess around with their Mac or go to an Apple store and mess around there). It is true that Macs are more expensive than a comparable machine running Windows, so that might affect your decision, but they can also boot Windows(I've been doing that for a while now, Windows 7 Beta runs beautifully on a Macbook). Anyways, check them out, decide what you're gonna be using it for, figure out how much you want to pay for a computer.
110100101108 years ago
depends only on you my preference linux > xp > vista > mac
cosgrove8 years ago
Depends entirely on the work you intend to do on said machine Typically, Windows Machines are cheaper and more versatile, but Macs have some great software and look pretty darn good. What were you intending to do on the Machine? Or is it just a hypothetical question?