Is my circuit OK?

I'm building a circuit that uses two 5V inputs and one 24V input. I drew a schematic that I think will work but I want to make sure it does before building it. Can somebody tell me if I'll really get 5V and 24V?

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anjan.raja2 years ago

sir can you please tell me wich number diod we use In bridge ???
ANd Transformer..clearly ???Pls

the D1 bridge sir....

And can we use 5V,24V,and 12 at same time???
OR wich one we need Only that can use!!???

Yes all at the same time.

1N4001 ..... What voltage and frequency are your mains ?

iceng5 years ago
You may need to choose a bigger transformer and a higher current
DC bridge which only you can decide.

The R2 potentiometer is there to let you adjust the output to 24VDC
R2 worked out to be 4.368K that is why the 5K pot, also keep the
resistors very close to the LM317.

nobykobe iceng5 years ago
how can i use this ( switch to control the the power supply circuit as i do not know where to connect the 6 back connections.
Thanks for your help , appreciate it
iceng nobykobe5 years ago
What town do you live ?
nobykobe iceng5 years ago
In Egypt
iceng nobykobe5 years ago
A place I would one day visit :-)

Here is a wiring that answers your wiring.
I don't think Egypt has a 3 wire system.
So disregard the frame ground wire..

Hang on....I'm getting something.....

Nope, its gone.

What are you talking about ?
I think he is trying to build this, if it would help any... :)
This 220VAC.12VDC/5VDC is dual supply  :-)  .  .  .  .A
yonch (author)  iceng6 years ago
I need 24V & 5V. Not 12.
iceng yonch6 years ago
yonch (author)  iceng6 years ago
Thank you so much! I would select it as a best answer but since it's a comment I can't........ thanks again.
iceng yonch6 years ago
You select the person for best answer not necessarily the best utterance in a thread.
yonch (author)  iceng6 years ago
How is 18V becoming 24V?
iceng yonch6 years ago
Simple sine wave math.
The 18VAC is the RMS voltage. 
Peak voltage is 1.414 times the RMS = 25.4 VDC

ok.... :)
yonch (author)  astroboy9076 years ago
How did you know?? :-)
I looked at your previous questions :-)
yonch (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
I want to convert 220 VAC to 24 and 5 VDC I'm not sure that the circuit that I added would really give that' so that is what I'm asking
lemonie6 years ago
May we see this circuit?

yonch (author)  lemonie6 years ago
iceng6 years ago
Weelll.... you might deem to reveal this circuit of the added
down converting looping, straight segments, zigzag and more
sophisticate representations that you want our opinion of because
it is null right now. Examples are provided for your edification of what
was asked.  .  .  .  .  A