Is my cool fan broken?

My laptop gets very hot, and it was not in that situation before. It feels hotter, should I change a cool fan? Or just need to clean it?

alanellis168 years ago
I agree with ZEROGX that your fan is probably just gunked up with dirt

and never put your laptop on a soft surface, which restricts airflow, you may put it on a stand place.

Anyway, if you want to clean your cool fan, here is a guide to clean it:

If you really want to get a new one, I used to get a new one here, the price is pretty good and they also supply you the guide for how to install the cool fan :
theRIAA8 years ago
i use a leaf blower...
Chicken22098 years ago
This can be worth looking into. Call your warranty provider and have them talk you through it It may be that its gunked up or maybe it needs to be replaced but its impossible to tell from the information given
gmxx8 years ago
unless you dropped your laptop or something like that, your fan is probably just gunked up with dirt, dust bunnies and all the other random junk thats seems to accumulate... use a can of compressed air to clean it... if ou still have issues, check the fan to see if it broken.