Is the iPhone worth the cost?

  • $200 for 8G or $300 for 16G**
  • $30 data plan
  • $40 service plan
  • $20 unlimited texts
  • $10 in taxes
= $100/mo!

Is it worth it? I want to hear from current iPhone users!

**minus $100 each for refurb. any thoughts on new vs. refurb?

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mmikesan8 years ago
Just seeing the grandbabies eyes when we play "coi pond" makes it worth it! Then there is weather, maps, stocks, calendar. Also Ebay, programs for diet, exercise, GPS, shopping, etc. I can even take a picture of a book or CD cover and it will tell me where to buy it and how much! Oh yea, it even makes phone calls.
nicelly5 years ago
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TheMacyC5 years ago
An iPhone is definitely worth it ! You've got everything you'll ever need on it (weather, games, apps about literally everything..) it's awesome and i highly recommend an iPhone !
has it got xp or is it just a theme?
Cartuner557 years ago
Get an Android. Apps can do much more, the iPhone's App Store only allows certain permissions, and on Android you can even install a different operating system.

EX. my phone, a HTC Hero (Sprint) normally would run Android 2.1
Sprint said that when 2.2 came out, my phone didn't have the proper specs to run it.
I hacked my phone, and now its running 2.2. Take that Sprint!
shrek1508 years ago
Of course it's worth it! IT IS AWESOME! You may have a different opinion though because I'm only 12. I don't pay the bill.
scoochmaroo (author)  shrek1508 years ago
If you're 12, how did you get on this site? ;)
Someone need to make an instruct able on how to get on the site if ur under age? haha What is the age btw?
 c-c-c-combo breaker!!!
how did you think i got on the site if im 11
only thing you need to do is LIE!!!!!
wupme8 years ago
There is only one real answer to this question. And the only one who can give you that, well, that be youself. The iPhone is pretty hyped (as the iPod is, wich is in fact just a good MP3 Player, never was anything special). There are other mobiles by other companys, some even offer more functionality. Test them out, read datasheeds and look what they can. For me: 100$ a month, and 300$the phone itself. Its not worth it, i'm actually thinking about buying a touchphone myself. The iPhone is already sorted out in that competition.
scoochmaroo (author)  wupme8 years ago
What's a touchphone? Who makes them?
ipod touch
scoochmaroo (author)  Sandisk1duo8 years ago
that's not a phone tho, right?
looks exactly like it, but it doesn't make calls
 You can still Skype :)
 Trickey B*sterd
A phone with a touchscreen, like the iPhone (who wasn't the first one). I think all of the big mobile companys got one on the market.
PKM8 years ago
FWIW, if you are reading this thread now rather than several months ago, the answer is "not necessarily".  The new generation of Android touch-screen phones are offering a lot of alternatives, mostly doing the same things as the iPhone.

I have a Huawei Pulse on T-Mobile.  It is a similar size (actually slightly larger, 3.5" screen), with 3G, Wi-Fi, a GPS with Google Maps, a browser, email, MP3/video player, a host of applications out of the box and the Android app store.  The handset cost half of what an iPhone does and T-Mobile have a deal whereby topping up 10GBP (15USD) per month on PAYG gives you unlimited internet access and text messages, or you can get it on a variety of contracts depending on your use needs.

It's not quite as pretty as an iPhone, there aren't as many apps yet and the hardware isn't quite as nice (the camera is poor, but good enough if you own a digital camera anyway), but if you just want a touchscreen phone/browser/email/GPS/MP3 player for less money, it's one of the options.  I did a Total Cost Of Ownership for both and I figure my phone to be almost exactly half the cost of the iPhone (but I use a lot of texts and make few voice calls).
my mom has an iphone and i dont think it is worth it...
tigergibb8 years ago
It's worth it for me, but I'm on a family plan. It's much cheaper that way. $30 for data, $10 for add-a-phone, $4 for unlimited text($20 unlimited family text divided between people), and whatever portion of the minutes you use.
Marsh8 years ago
The iPhone is without a doubt the quitessential smartphone! Sadly it's currently only available on the ATT network which is ridiculously expensive and boasts the worst service of ANY carrier (in my area anyway). If you're willing to suffer the extremely poor performance and excessive cost to have this really cool phone now, I say GO FOR IT! Otherwise, hook up with a Blackberry for now and switch in two years when all the carriers have iPhones.
I had this same quandry, and I figured out that you can get a jail-broken and hacked 2G iPhone off of Craigslist for about $200. Then you go to T-Mobile (better service, no contract) and sign up for a plan and add unlimited data for $20/month. My plan is less than $70/month. Plus $200 phone Net present value of money: $100 buck verses $70 a month.
raykholo8 years ago
if u need it then its a good deal. Period.
Warlrosity8 years ago
Bul a lg kp500 I got onw yesterday!
fisknewell8 years ago
NO get a itouch
ipo touch, NOT ITOUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And especially not a itouch! And I don't think it is ipo touch either, is it? lol.
LOL. Yeah, it was bad. Should have been iPod touch. Why does everyone call it the itouch?
Why does everyone call every apple laptop a macbook?
Trebawa Bartboy8 years ago
Probably because all new Apple laptops are MacBooks.
Bartboy Trebawa8 years ago
Including the old ones......
Because I touch it.
You touch yourself. :P JK. It just annoys me....
Warlrosity8 years ago
I wanna buy a knockoff
Bartboy8 years ago
Well I don't know whether it's worth it, but I know for a fact that refurb is better : 1. WAY cheaper. 2. It already had a defect, so there is a WAY lower chance of it breaking again. 3.Other than that, it is the same. 4. Did I say it was cheaper yet?
Derin Bartboy8 years ago
Yes you did.
led2358 years ago
I LOVE MINE!!!! GET IT GET IT GET IT! IT IS SO WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rolandblais8 years ago
I bought my iphone during a sale @ bestbuy ($150 for 8GB G3), didn't get the unlimited text plan, so my bill should be around $80/mo. I washed my Katana (on accident, I swear), and it would have cost $100 to replace from my current carrier (Credo). So with 2 weeks left on my contract, it was a fairly easy decision. $50 more for a new phone, and about $30/mo month more for the new plan. So far I'm happy. I use this for much more than just a phone.
ry259208 years ago
Half-half. the Ipod touch has many of the features other than the phone.
Transience8 years ago
for what it does, you'll pay less for a windows mobile/palmOS/blackberry phone, don't waste your money on what is essentially a babyproofed phone. if you're not a big fan of windows, the google G1 runs a version of linux, and with a little effort supports multitouch.
marshnt8 years ago
iphones are no where near as cool as the android phons go check out the G1 aka the google phone
scoochmaroo (author)  marshnt8 years ago
The problem is I'm stuck with AT&T for another good long while. It's just time for me to get an upgrade, and since my last phone s**t the bed, I figured it was time to check out the iphone. Maybe I'll convince the boyf to get the g1!
gmoon8 years ago
Not according to this Wired article. In Japan they are giving them away for free...
scoochmaroo (author)  gmoon8 years ago
This is what I found further on in that article.

Seems the article misrepresented the people they quoted, and in fact they were trying to say that the iPhone has great potential because "In Japan, Cellphones Have Become Too Complex to Use"
Until more reliable data is offered, I'm not sure Wired has much credibility.

Unfortunately, neither do the stories detractors (from the blog):

Although Apple nor Softbank releases the real number of shipment, today, it is strongly believed that they have shipped more than X and possibly near Y units in Japan.
(Y is twice the previous estimate)

...which amounts to nothing more than guesswork and rumor. Of course, rumor is as reliable these days as official corporate PR. ;-)
dombeef8 years ago
Buy the Ipod touch
acidbass8 years ago
if u want to spend the money that's up to u but personally i think the iphone is overrated in my opinion my friend has one and he says it sucks majorly and that there was a butt load of glitches so he hacked it and boy that was fun!!!
cosgrove8 years ago
I would get one, except they're holding out on the Memory Size, If I can buy a 120GB Ipod, why not the same in an Iphone?
Different types of memory storage. One is a spinning hard drive and the other is solid-state flash.
landmanhall8 years ago
I thought it was just hype till my girlfriend got one. I got my own two weeks later and its the most useful portable electronic device I've ever used. The apps are the best part. Very worth it for me. All in all its up to you.
I've been considering upgrading to one for a while. I think that it's worth it. I have a few friends that own them and they absolutely love them. They just seem super useful, honestly. :) Also, I would go with a refurb if you can get one. I buy lots of refurbished products, and I've never had any issue. They're normally in great shape, too.
ewilhelm8 years ago
All of the Instructables-purchased Apple products are refurbished.
scoochmaroo (author)  ewilhelm8 years ago
Oh, that's cool to know. How green of you!
110100101108 years ago
i dont think so my scratched and worn motorola c380 (which i charge with 2 wires from a computer power supply cause its charger died) serves all my phone and sms needs. i dont need anyhing more from it it would take me years to talk and sms untill it would cost like an iphone for a mp3 player / camera i have a 60 $ mp4 player. it is nothing beyond mp4 player with 1.3 mpix camera and micro sd slot. it is not perfect. but it does what i need from it
Unlimited texts? Really? As to your question. Yes. Absolutely. I hated all cell phones until I got the iPhone.
superamit8 years ago
I think it is! I use my iPhone a bajillion times more than I used my old phone. I'd def try refurbished, though. (Or buying used from a friend.)