Is the mezak the best oodamo pistol? or is it just overrated?

what is the best oodamo pistol.

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TheDunkis7 years ago
I think it's somewhat overrated. There are other guns that I think compete with it fairly but because it's a creation from KI, and more specifically Zak and Mepain, people think that it just must be better. A lot of people also overrate the pros it has and ignore the cons while they search out for every con other guns have and don't pay as much attention to the pros. It's preferences, not improvements I aimed to make.
Take my Oodassault Pistol V3.6. It's not the only gun but I'm just using it as an example. It fared quite well against it in pure objective tests of performance losing by one point. It can't handle as many rubber bands though it gets the same range with the same amount of bands. I find it redundant to have so many bands on a pistol but that's just my opinion. It comes down to preference I guess. It's not that any one pistol is better than the others. We all have many options and a lot of people just happen to choose the MeZak.
I completely agree! It's a good gun because of sturdyness power and detachable mag. But there are other oodammo guns that are at least as good!
And about the number of bands. My experience is that adding more bands doesn't really add that much range, too many bands is only a bit annoying because it gets so difficult to pull back the ram
Where can I find it?
182515 (author)  erikos kostarikos7 years ago
At KI. just search for the MeZack or look on the first or second page for knex weapons.
Thanks, I've searched for it and found it.=]

It looks very good to me, maybe I'm going to make it.
very overrated. my brother and I have built it, the E.AP, and the T.B.A.P, plus two of his own, and the best was definatley the E.AP.
TheChemiker7 years ago
I think the mezak is an exellent gun, and is not overated, but there are also many other exellent pistols that can comepete with it.  I am not saying the mezak is the best, its just that it lived up to its hype when i built it.  Killer safe-cracker has some good oodammo guns, as does thedunkis.

By the way, its oodammo, not oodamo
182515 (author)  TheChemiker7 years ago
actualy when i built it i found that the triger didnt work and it was not worth the pieces that i had to cut to make it. evrything on it was over rated; the range, the comfort, and the amount of badns that it can handle was majorly blown out of porportion ( i could only put on three bands before the ran started to bend enough to make me nervous). the only thing that i thought was worth the hype was the tilting mag.
The trigger worked fine for me, I put 5 bands on, no problem, I already had those cut parts, it was comfortable for me.
182515 (author)  TheChemiker7 years ago
I agree it was comfortable, and i didntcare about the cut parts because ialso had them but i dont like guns with an exes of cut parts.
So now you are agreeing with me?
182515 (author)  TheChemiker7 years ago
not really, only on the comfort and the cut parts. the trigger still didnt work as well as i thought it would
I agree the trigger is temperamental, it took me a 2 days to get it working right, but now it works fine, but when I tried to make a second one, the trigger did not work at all.
182515 (author)  TheChemiker7 years ago
I found that the grey connector that pushed the orange connector would just slide and not push it at all.
That's weird, did you use a blue connector where your hand goes on the back?
182515 (author)  TheChemiker7 years ago
Yes I did use a blue connector.
Like I said, it is temperamental.
182515 (author)  TheChemiker7 years ago
That was the main reason that i think it is over rated.
it is a good gun, but so are most oodammo pistols. I am trying to break away from the conventional by using my smaller oodammo pistols, mainly because I dislike their size and shape.
182515 (author)  Fred the Penguin7 years ago
Its a OK gun but i made a gun that beats the MeZack in evry aspect exept for the amount of cut rods used, the MeZack has more : ). The gun holds 6 bands and get 70 feet with 5 bands, and has a larger mag that can A) tilt or B) remove. And i made the whole thing in and hour. it was jsut pure luck that it was that good on the V1
yes but it doesn't fit in your pocket does it?
182515 (author)  Fred the Penguin7 years ago
It fits in a hoodie pocket! LOL
DJ Radio7 years ago
I think it is a good design but people give it too much credit.  There is no best pistol out there.  It depends on preference.  I'd like to think of my Jackal v4 as a rival model in the sense that it doesn't have flip mags, but removable mags instead.  Some people would think removable mags are better than tilt mags and some will think the opposite.  It's preference.
cj814997 years ago
Highly overrated. just like Re-design said
~KGB~7 years ago
yes, i think it is because of it power, accuracy and quick reloading, its also very comfortable! and it looks epic!
Re-design7 years ago
Highly overrated.  Not even close.