Is the stats tab gone or just moved?

I noticed that the stats tab is no longer next to the others, ohhhh that was one of my favorite things. Has it been moved elsewhere, momentarily misplaced perhaps, or is it gone for good? Anyone heard anything about it?

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They only moved it. Go to the new user page, click on "instructables" then above the instructables click "launch stats"

Vyger (author)  bravoechonovember19 months ago

Found it, thanks.

It's kind of like living with a neat freak. Always having to ask where they put something your looking for.

Vyger (author) 9 months ago

This is the tab I am talking about.

rickharris9 months ago

It's still there on my last instructable if that's what you mean.

Vyger (author)  rickharris9 months ago

No, I was talking about the old me page. I posted a picture above. It is still showing on my tab and working because I haven't refreshed the page. if I refresh the page it will be gone. I did that on my notebook and its gone now.