Is the website knexables dead??

Is the website knexables dead?? I might join but not if it's no longer in use.

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DJ Radio8 years ago
yeah it is. The dunkis killed it.
Killer~SafeCracker (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
Thanks and best answer.
barrax DJ Radio8 years ago
stupid thing wouldn't send me an email anyway...
DJ Radio barrax8 years ago
they disabled registration, and your account had to be approved by an admin...
how did the dunkis kill it?
I was going to delete it but of course my friend currently owns the website where the forums are hosted. I just didn't make any posts or updates and people left on their own. It died and I declared that it was "officially" dead so whoever was still left...well left. I have no interest in reviving it because my cause for making the site has been lost.
so basically a lost cause?
o ok
stale568 years ago
Yeah, it says that the last post was on May 25... It seems dead to me. It would be worthless to join now (in my opinion.