Is there a MP3 Player that has a USB port on it?

I have enough music to fill a portable hard drive, but I don't want to buy a Zune or an iPod. If not, does anybody else have a solution? I am hoping that I won't have to resort to 

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Burf5 years ago
Get yourself a Sansa Clip, either the Plus or the Zip, they both use a mini USB to connect to your computer. You can get them on Amazon for as little as $30 U.S. and they work great, better than my iPod 4G or my iPod Shuffle. I have two of them, one for my wife and the other for me. Add a 32 Gb Micro SD card and you will never lack for space for audiobooks or music.
Pinaz9 (author)  Burf5 years ago
I actually have about 80GB of music. I suppose that I could use more than one card, but I would rather not have to change cards.
Kiteman5 years ago
Most MP3 players have a USB connection, and come with an appropriate cable to connect them to a PC for both charging and transferring files.

jrh0655 years ago
Try using google's music player on an android phone, or iCloud with an iPhone. I presume you probably have a phone, so you could upgrade to one of these if you haven't already. These apps/webapps allow you to upload music to the cloud and stream them over the phone. That way you don't actually need to have enough memory on your device for all of your music.
rickharris5 years ago
There are lots of MP3 players that will read a memory stick. None that are portable that i know of.
Vyger5 years ago
I like the Sansa Fuze more than the clip. This is a refurbished one that is half the price of a new one. has had these on sale also. The new fuze is in the style of a cell phone, it is "sealed" and all the controls are touch operated. It takes a 32 gig Micro SD card and this one has 8 gig of built in storage. It plays MP3, videos and displays pictures. It also has an FM radio tuner that you can record. The batteries last all day. It charges from the USB.
canucksgirl5 years ago
AFAIK, there are tons of options. For example, I have an inexpensive Sony MP3 player, and it comes with a cable to run the mini-USB to USB. Never had any issues transferring files, and if you want more storage capacity, set the music to a slightly lower quality (you won't notice a big difference, but you'll get way more files on it).
Here's a bunch of options from Best Buy (sorted from cheapest to most expensive.