Is there a better free program than "Windows Movie Maker" out there?

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floryzzz7 years ago
 AVS video editor 
you get a watermark but this video explains how to remove it legal!
Try Debug mode Wax. It is ok, but most free software is pretty crappy. Just be warned. For $85 which is second to nothing in the software market, Sony Vegas is great and has all the bells and whistles such as composting, green screen, and custom titles.
hahah its so funny. the link i posted below is posted in an advertisement right now on the side of this window above your name
plenty of stuff like wmm at except if you dont pay them, when you make your videos they put a watermark in them.
wilcurt (author)  TimTheScarecrow8 years ago
I was hoping for a program without watermarks.
yea i dont reccomend it. i was just looking to answer
gmxx8 years ago
i used pinnacle studio on windows, and like that software. I also really like imovie on the mac.
wilcurt (author)  gmxx8 years ago
I'm a "Windows" person myself.
gmxx wilcurt8 years ago
ok... i personally use macs after switching fro mwindows, but am skilled in both worlds. how complex does the video editing program need to be?
wilcurt (author)  gmxx8 years ago
As easy as windows movie maker but better in quality and more effects and transistions. Programs with the green bullets are open-source and free, with the red bullets are commercial.
lemonie8 years ago
I did recently drop "VirtualDub" into an answer - Google it? Depends upon what you want it for, try for a selection? L