Is there a bumptop-type thing for Mac?

I recently ran into this: on a forum thread, and was wondering if there was anything like it for Macintosh.

gmxx8 years ago
In leopard, it is called spaces. it is built in in.

otherwise, this would work
Joe Martin gmxx8 years ago
Spaces is just multiple desktops, Bumptop turns your desktop into an almost 3d like room where you can have post it notes on on "Walls" and your icon chucked all over the "Floor". It would be interesting on an ibook (G4 2002 summer onwards I believe) due to the accelerometer so you could shake the ibook and have your icons fall about everywhere. Sadly I don't know of any software like this is it MUST be out there somewhere.
gmxx Joe Martin8 years ago
ok... i see what you are saying... im not sure how well an ibook g4 would run software like bumptop, it would take a good deal of processing power... with the gfx... and shaking the computer isnt good for the hard drive. anyways... the sticky notes can be replicated with the built in stickies app. Ypu might be able to program something with OpenGL and Quartz in Quartz composer. It would pretty much be a standalone app, if you did it that way. You can install quartz composer off the install dvd for mac osx or from with a free account