Is there a certain way that resistors are supposed to be installed?

If I were to run 3 LEDs with a resistor to each one.. Would it matter which side of the resistor is connected to the positive side?

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TerryH901 year ago

thank for this information, very helpful for someone doing this for the 1st time!

nbaker33 years ago

thank you for this

Doesn't matter, they look nicer if they are all the same way.
Agreed.  If you can, install them so that all the colour bands face the same way.  It just looks more professional.
Its ALSO neat that you line them up the way they are placed on the wiring diagram. That way you don't crick your neck trying to read them upside down....
good to know, Thanks !
Wisaam4 years ago
Resistors are mainly used to resist the flow of current. They do not act as diodes, so, it doesn't matter how you connect it or to which side of it is the positive terminal connected.
janw7 years ago
Any way is a good way.
Taost7 years ago
It wouldn't matter if it was on the positive side or the negative side, but you would have to put them in series.
CrayfishYAY7 years ago
It's supposed to be 1 LED (+ side) & 1 resistor (1 side only) soldered together . You also have to check the LED tolorence (how many watts or volts it can handle before it blows up), the resistor resisance (how many watts or volts it can hold back), & how much electricity the source (battery, plug, wire, cable, etc.) gives.
khaos947 years ago
 it doesn't matter but i would put all the gold bands on the same side to make it easier to read
erikals7 years ago
keydogstony is right. Resistors are not polarity sensitive - and if you have a circuit that is don't worry.
___7 years ago
The Right way
(which is no particular way by the way!)
AndyGadget8 years ago
Either way is fine.  The current is the same whether it flows through the resistor then the LED or the LED then the resistor as they are in series.

lemonie8 years ago
No, it wouldn't matter.

keydogstony8 years ago

Nope. Resistors are not polarity sensitive.