Is there a compound similar to translucent silicone sealant paste, for making thin 2-3" dia. discs?

I am making a DIY digital interface (using Arduino and MaxMSP), the touch-pads will have embedded super-bright LEDs and I'm looking for a compound similar to translucent silicone sealant gel. I'm concerned that, once dried/cured, the silicone will still retain some chemicals harmful to the skin (fingertips)

No, its inert and almost biocompatible once cured. "caulk" tends to be an acetoxy cure - so it emits acetic acid as it sets. The right moulding silicones, with a catalyst, can be cured ON the skin.
brendanmccloskey (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
Thanks so much for the quick response; I tried to Google for further evidence, but I need to justify this information - can I ask how you know this? Thanks again
Because I used it on a project.....
I bought it from Bentley creative chemicals