Is there a cord for a psp that lets you plug it into a tv with a usb port on it so that the screen shows up on the tv?

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PitStoP8 years ago
If it's the newer slim model like the PSP slim 2000 or 3000 then they sell AV/Conponent wires to plug it to a TV monitor.
Kolovision8 years ago
theres two things you can do but neither has usb in the answer thats one but it doesnt give a good copy of the screen, any imperfections come up on the tv as all its doing is projecting it

the other one involves opening up your psp...which isnt that hard as long as you use the right screwdriver

neither are free. also the psp2tv means you can use a regular ps2 controller with it which is cool.
the second one seems interesting! looks like you take the screen out and connect the adapter to where the screen connector was
yea thats the one i want to do but i dont really use my psp enough...still surprised it works tbh lol, its a 1000 model ive heard about using your psp as a second monitor using the usb connected up to your pc. Only thing is this looks like trial software, its a second monitor not your psp's screen (im assuming i havent really checked), and it would mean having your tv AND pc on just to use your psp.
that's a good idea! if you don't use your PSP enough, get homebrew, the fun is limitless!