Is there a dishwasher model available retail that is easier than others to repair and maintain, AND is efficent.?

 I imagine the base model for any brand is a piece of crap.  Could you advise me to particular models that are easier than others to repair and maintain, is sturdy, is efficient, and will last a long time.


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orksecurity7 years ago
For effectiveness, efficiency, and frequency-of-repair info I'd suggest you spend a few bucks on signing up for a month or two at the Consumer Reports website. That's what they exist for.

They're all essentially the same mechanism. Pumps, valves, timer to control those, interlock to make sure the door closes., a heater to keep water hot and/or speed up drying, a fan for drying. I'm not convinced maintainability actually differs very much. If you really want to know, I'd suggest calling a few of your local repair guys and asking them which brands *they* prefer to work on.

Wise advice. Except local repair guys may prefer to work on the ones that break more easily as that is their source of income, so a reverse psychology note might be appropriate there?

Where ?
hobbssamuelj (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
anywhere, really.  just want any recommendation possible for an easy to repair and efficient machine
UK brands are not the same as US brands. It would help to know where you are in the world.
Re-design7 years ago
The base models of the name brands are not usually "crap".  They are usually stripped down models.  Equipment labeled as "Builders models" are sometimes lacking in quality though.
I'm looking into a Miele, but I don't think the "base model" would be a piece of crap...  or it better not be for the price.  I couldn't say if it would be easy to repair, but theoretically it shouldn't need to be repaired for years.  My sister's is a piece of art (quiet, efficient, not fussy, cleans dried eggs off plastic), and Miele has a good reputation.  I have a Miele vacuum cleaner, and it's pretty awesome.  I've had it 5 years, and there was only one minor repair needed.  My brother and then my mother had it before me, and it's now 11 years old.  Usually I've burned a belt by now or something terrible, but it's good.  No complaints.