Is there a do-it-yourself ultralight aircraft guide somewhere on the internet?

I have always wanted to construct an ultralight aircraft with this old rowboat I hooked up some shocks and wheels to, I even have the hang glider, I need a way to connect it while giving me the ability to steer properly.

joshfreak=]7 years ago
here is a way to do it, i actually have the plane myself ! here is the address
On MAKE Vol. 14, The Breezy is featured at the Oshkosh Air Show. The Breezy plans are sold for $100 and it can be constructed for the price of a used car. But you have to have a powerful welder to make the joints withstand the stress. The kit is sold
coxhb8 years ago
Ultralights can only weigh a max of 254 pounds. The combination of rowboat, shocks, etc, would probably make your craft too heavy. If you are caught flying a "too heavy" ultralight, you will be heavily fined. Why not scratch build an UL from simple plans. See
kelseymh8 years ago