Is there a durable, waterproof UHF HT that will accept AA batteries?

By waterproof, I of course mean "weather-resistant." I'm looking for an UHF HT that will be just fine if it gets dropped into a lake or falls off an ATV. It doesn't need to float; I can attach a floating keychain to it if necessary. It should also have a AA battery tray that is available from the manufacturer, and still be waterproof with the AA tray. Ideally it would have a keypad.

Do you have personal experience with a HT that meets these requirements?

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Try a Pelican case around anything you want to IP67.
JamesRPatrick (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
Then it's only waterproof when not in use.
True, but I was figuring you would hack a keyboard on yourself.
JamesRPatrick (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
Also a possibility. They make HTs that accept AA battery packs, and they make HTs that are submersible. You would think after a few hours of googling that I could find a company that makes both in one package, but no such luck.
Personally, I'd de tempted to take a close look at the BP-297 pack and see why its not waterproof, but the 296 is !

Seems dumb to me too. It invalidates the whole design having a non-waterproof battery.