Is there a (easy, cheap) way to capture biogas from legacy cesspools and how can/would one use such energy capture?

I have a rural property with 3 legacy cesspools that were dug in the 1960's. Cesspools are essentially underground chambers that are hermetically sealed from the surface but which let fluids leach out through the bottom and sides. Our waste water drains into the cesspools. One cesspool gets no poop, just graywater. The others get the full mix. My understanding is that poop and everything else that goes down the drain decomposes anerobically. So I wonder is there something interesting to do to capture some energy...? tks. I

lemonie8 years ago
If they're producing gas you'd expect it to be vented somewhere - can you find any vents anywhere? L
if not, that's one heck of a nasty explosion.
Oooh crikey, yes ~50 years of rancid-gas.... L
Kiteman8 years ago
As Lemonie said, there should be a vent.

Tapping the gas off via the vent should be relatively easy - just use whatever tubing or hose you have handy, and make sure joints are air-tight.

What happens next depends on how much gas is being produced.

Tie the neck of a black sack over the pipe from the vent - see how quickly it fills.

If it fills slowly, you may be able to store the gas in a make-shift gasometer. If it fills quickly, it may be worth investing in a compressor to store the gas in cylinders.