Is there a good word processing program out there that is also FREE?

One that will also do things like columns, bullets, and let me add graphics?

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rickharris8 years ago
Google documents works well.
Packers Widow (author)  rickharris8 years ago
I LOVE Google documents. I just tried it and it's perfect. You are definitely the best answer. Thanks!!
valeryp316 years ago
PDF-XChange Viewer can read/edit PDFs. It's a tool for making notes and comments, typing on forms, adding graphics or exporting PDFs to images.
{tauney}8 years ago
I agree...OpenOffice is pretty sweet. Only issue (one that I ran into frequently at school the past two years) is that for some reason it's not always completely compatible with Microsoft Office applications. For example, I'd write a paper on OpenOffice, save it, bring it to school, and when I went to print it it would be either a) gone or b) mangled. I'd get around it by saving it in about 10 different file formats, but usually RTF or txt were the only consistently good options, and then you lose all your formatting. So, if you decide to use Open Office, and you need to send things to someone else or put it on a different computer running MS Office for some reason, make sure to save it to a few file sucks losing all your work!
The format answer to most things these days. PDF. Try a program. called CutePDF, it's free. It installs itself like a virtual-printer. So that if you hit print, you can select CutePDF, and it will 'print', exactly as shown in OpenOffice, into a PDF file, under whatever name you want it to be. And if the other computer you using can't use adobe reader, try another program called FoxIt, that loads up pdf files -way- quicker.
gmxx8 years ago
I would suggest OpenOffice. It will allow you to do all that you wrote. It also comes with a owerpoint clone, excel clone and a database forms thing.
kernalphage8 years ago
Openoffice is a whole suite of open source (read:free) software.

It's available on most platforms, and is comparable to the Microsoft Office line of programs.
Of course, it's not an exact copy, but chances are you won't need those extras.