Is there a hidden hinge that lifts a flush floor door?

Hinges for floor door/ trap door
Is there a hidden hinge that lifts a flush floor door?
As the door will be heavy, I'll use a gas piston to aid lifting and closing.
I like the system used in but the hinges are visible.

Thanks for looking!!!


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greenroofer (author) 6 years ago
Many thanks for your helpful comments.
I'll let you know what hinges I'll be using. For the piston I'l use a similar system found on some divan beds ( an example can be found at ) where the whole mattress is almost tipped over.

Apologies for not replying before, I sort of forgot!!!!
Find a hinge you like and recess it with a router perhaps, or there are hinges made for cabinet doors that work for this purpose: Rockler is a good source for these. Add reinforcement under the door on the hinge side; no hinge is strong enough to be walked on for 100 years and not budge.
CrLz6 years ago
Try the hinge-setup used on attic doors - just in reverse.

Typically this is a piano hinge and two bracing hinges. Piano hinge is no problem, you can buy at hardware store. Probably could make the bracing hinges by studying some commercial designs or your gas pistons may accomplish this.
orksecurity6 years ago
There are many varieties hidden hinges designed for inset cabinet doors. I don't know whether any of them come in a version that would be sturdy enough for use in the floor, but looking at woodworking catalogs will find manufacturers' names and you could then try contacting them with your question.
There are commercial refrigerator hinges that would do what you want and be "invisible", but I have to say, in the example you've shown, the hinges are invisible - because they are under the back of the stairs !