Is there a program that creates origami instructions?

I am an origami enthusiast in some of my spare time, and I have several of my own designs brewing. Does anyone know of any software that can help in the process of creating the step-by-step instructions so that they look nice and elegant? Alternatively, are there any programmers that would like to team up on this project and create one? I have some experience programming and have some other ideas up in my noodle if anyone is interested.

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srodriguez46 years ago
A loong time ago I had one, back in 1989. I'm surprised there hasn't been a new one made.
teq8 years ago
Pepakura Designer( will allow you to import 3D models and "unfold" them, adding fold lines in the process. It's shareware, but will provide a good basis for designing your own application... though many probably already exist. might even have some.
dombeef teq8 years ago
but he wants origami not paper craft
I do know about 1 pop-up card designer, just type pop-up card designer in google and click on the hyperlink that leads you to, after that just download the file and begin creating pop-up cards!
kibbler8 years ago
Treemaker, by Robert J. Lang. Google it!
BeanGolem (author)  kibbler8 years ago
Hrmm... Seems like this might be as close as I'm gonna get. More digging!