Is there a real website, so I can earn money by working at home?

Can i earn online money by working at home,Because there is many fake websites ,they demands money and i don't know which is real one.

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Well sites like Amazon's mechanical turk, and field agent.
but they are relatively small pay for work.

also you could make youtube/vimeo videos, they offer money if you're succesful

good luck
balodabazar (author)  Houdinipeter6 years ago
Is is true site?
The number of people making money by posting videos on youtube/vimeo is negligable compared to the number of people trying to make money that way. Unless you have much-better-than-average skills and something interesting to say, forget it.
orksecurity6 years ago
Any website that asks you to pay them before they (supposedly) hire you is a scam.

A website that asks you to pay them to teach you a useful craft *may* be a scam. Fact is, correspondence schools make a lot of money from people who never make it into the profession they thought they were interested in.

Making money at home will involve WORK, doing or selling something that people want done and can't find someone else to do. I'm working from home these days, but that's for the same company that has employed me for several decades and It Aint Easy.
frollard6 years ago
Your one-in-a-million shot is to come up with something grossly unique, enthralling, and awesome and get it to go viral. The ad revenue alone is worth tens of thousands (even hundreds if its a large enough draw) -- then theres licensing, merchandise, etc. That's my big plan at least. Just need something amazing...

A few of note: kipkay, that white pseudo-asian girl with huge eyes on youtube, the coke mentos experiment, and many many more.

As for 'just doing work at home' -- I'm a mystery shopper, technically most is out of home, but some is working from home. Works out to minimum wage when you really do the math.

rickharris6 years ago
Most money you can earn will be through ebay - Buy cheap and sell more expensive.

Look over the site and try to pick out what sells well and a low initial cost.

I personally know several people who make a living from it and there must be millions in reality.

Example: Young man buys sets of lead soldiers breaks them down into smaller groups and re packages and sells for a profit of 100 - 200%
Hack A Day hires writers from time to time, is full of jobs, and adafruit has a job board.
Also, if you have it in you to write a best-seller or two, those can make you a wealthy person.