Is there a systematic way to use VBScript?

I want to learn how to make all of those things.

fwjs288 years ago
you need to be more you want to do something that is helpful/beneficial?
PKTraceur (author)  fwjs288 years ago
That would be nice, however I like "Harmless" Viruses.
Haha, I've been doing a little bit of that as well. I don't like malicious viruses at all, but something as simple as stopping a mate's MSN from working and make a message pop up saying "blame playschool" and then removing it in an hour is what I like. Ahh, good memories.
hemlocke8 years ago
There is one Link resource that you should always have in your Favorites:
This will provide you will the skillset that you need to make VBscript a systematic power tool.