Is there a way 2 boot a laptop from an externally connected HD?

The connector btween the motherboad and the internal HD on my laptop broke. My computer cannot recognize a HD. Is there any way to connect a HD externally, maybe by USB, and boot the computer that way.

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stormer11278 years ago
ok well this is quite simple fix the broken cable... but if u don't wana do that then get a external hd connector cord (it has slits 4 the shiny pins to go in and a usb slot at one end) and if thats ur only hd then the computer looks 4 a bootable drive and will automatically find it but if it dont then in start up press f8 i think (on some it might be different like esc or f10) and say boot the drive hope this helps
goodguyCA (author)  stormer11278 years ago
ok thanks. i have an external HD. and a cable. i'll give it a shot.
lemonie8 years ago
Have you thought about fixing what is broken? L
gmxx8 years ago
only if your laptop supports booting off of usb. it might be possible if your laptop has a floppy drive, but if it does have an internal floppy, you probably should upgrade
goodguyCA (author)  gmxx8 years ago
how do i know if my laptop supports booting off of usb?
gmxx goodguyCA8 years ago
check your bios for an option to boot from usb or google your laptops model name and number + usb booting