Is there a way I can cure my procrastination habits?

I have a really strong procrastination habit. I put off doing projects such as posting whatever knex gun I made. It is really messing up my life, and I need some way to help with it. anyone?

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aphrael8 years ago
First of all, usually there's a reason you're procrastinating (obvious or not). Maybe finding out the reason for your procrastination helps to stop it? Secondly, I had the same problem and found that for me it helped to: 1. find a nicer place to work (only works if you're a student and can work wherever you want I guess), and if possible move around from place to place. If you don't do actual work at home, you probably have more energy and enjoyment doing projects at home, b/c it doesn't remind you of work. 2. Chop up the day into big chunks (again, if possible in your situation). I find that I work best if I go to the university at 9, work till 2, go home and take a 2 or 3 hour break, then go to the public library to work till 8. After that I go home and do whatever I want. I get a lot more done this way than sitting at the university all day, of which half I'm procrastinating, and then feel like I have to work at night too. 3. Try to set smaller goals that are easier to finish, and do not seem daunting. 4. Just start! :) Honestly, the beginning is always the hardest, while if you just pick up the project you're working on you'll be reminded of how much you enjoy it. I hope this helps at all... good luck!
DJ Radio (author)  aphrael8 years ago
hmm, good answer. I think the reason I procrastinate is that I dont want to get off of what I am currently doing. I might try to follow this advice. selected as best answer.
The Jamalam8 years ago
procrastinators unite! Tomorrow...
Procrastination holds up our Nation!
DJ Radio (author)  The Jamalam8 years ago
The Jamalam8 years ago
i'll think of a good way to cure it later...
wow... this really helped ME too, I procrastinate all the time :P
what i would do is set a daily scedual and set times for things then after 2 weeks you should be cured
BeanGolem8 years ago
I can safely say that I've gone through my fair share of procrastinatory phases. It has only ended terribly a few times, but in general procrastination is still a bad thing.

Try examining the WHY behind it. Procrastination is merely a lack of motivation for certain activities combined with mixed-up priorities. Sometimes we just have to get crap done, whether we like it or not. Other times we just have so many awesome things going on that something has to get put on the back burner.

Organization is your friend. List out everything you have going on in your life right now. Include everything you need to get done as well as everything that you merely want to get done. Prioritize them in some way and make a plan to at least do a little bit every day. I think that just keeping them all fresh in your mind by using the list will help some.

Doing anything is more fun when you make it fun. hehe. Try to find ways to do the tasks at hand in a more effective and entertaining way. Make a game out of it. If the problem is that doing projects is so much fun that you never have time to document them on Instructables, try integrating the processes more. You never want the documentation to get in the way of the creativity; it should only augment it.

Also remember that not everything has to be perfect. Sometimes you have to stop at 90-95% and just call it good. It may not be exactly what you had hoped, but at least you're done and have a solid project under your belt.