Is there a way i can can control the arduino from a distance

(code and program wise) And not using the arduino's seral monitor? programs could be VB Pytham Pixilate... code ????????????

Use an XBee transmitter and receiver.

Here's a great article that provides all the details along with sample code:
frollard8 years ago
There is a bluetooth arduino. It has a bluetooth-serial adapter built in, so you pair it to the computer, then the virtual serial link is ued by the arduino ide. Theres the xbee radio - you need 2, one on the computer side, one on the arduino as a shield. Works for comms and programming. With both you need an external power source though.
Pyrotechnic-Robot (author)  frollard8 years ago
well the arduino will be 30ft under water so it has to be linked with a usb wire I will end up connecting my arduino to the computor with the xbee for all my other projects. I am stil looking to connect the arduino with VB I am trying to work with the Tilt Sensing Bracelet She uses Processing software
But the same applies - if you get VB code to open the serial port, you can send and receive data just as you would thru processing - just processing has it built in conveniently.