Is there a way i can either make or buy a drumstick holster i can wear on my belt? ?

I am travelling this summer and I always bring my sticks and practice pad everywhere i go, but i will be travelling all the way 'cross the US. I just need a better way to carry my sticks. I only need one pair, and i would prefer to able to hang it on my belt.

Re-design5 years ago
Get a basic stick holders that would mount to the side of a drum and sew in a belt loop. You can go the extra step and sew on a leg strap at the bottom of the case.

Better yet spend the money on a pack like this so you'll have your sticks and drum pads with you at all times.
canucksgirl5 years ago
You can make a simple bag out of a necktie. Just open the bottom seam so that you can insert your drumsticks, and then hand sew some velcro on the open end so that you can close your newly made pouch. The skinnier end can now be tied to your belt and your done. ;-)
Burf5 years ago
Easy. Get a couple of small 1/2" hole eye-screws and put one in the end of each drumstick. Then get a cheap key chain duty type carabiner to loop over your belt, then hang the sticks on the carabiner through the eye screws.