Is there a way of rewriting non-rewritable cds/dvds?

Im expecting the obvious answer, but you never know.

kelseymh8 years ago
No. With a single-write disk, the material is permanently altered by the high-power laser which burns in the data (different sized holes for zeros and ones). Once that's done, it's forever. Think of taking a knife and cutting hole in a piece of tinfoil. You're stuck with it.

A rewritable disk uses a different technology. The metal inside can be either highly reflective or not, and the laser is used to melt and refreeze spots into either of those states, selectively.
aarone8 years ago
No. Rewritable discs are rewritable because the material that is written on has properties that allow it to essentially be 'wiped' and returned to a 'writable' state. Single-write discs use a different material, which cannot be wiped.
Bigev8 years ago
Well, you could try sharpie. Haha. But seriously, no. not really.