Is there a way that I could use a 555 chip to give 5 pulses then stop?

Or any other easy way to create a certain number of pulses? The amount of time this happens in doesn't really matter. The o/p of this pulse generator must have enough voltage/ current to power the clock of a 4024 7 bit counter

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Why not just use the logic to stop after 5 counts ?
....add 2, 2 input AND gates
or NAND output bits 0 and 2 (as binary 5 is 101) with the output going to power the 555.

Assuming the 555 must count 5 pulses then stop, and the 4024 isnt doing anything else.
quatch4 years ago
maybe have the five pulses also charge a capacitor to turn off the 555

two 555s will probably be better.
How fast do the pulses need to be?

You could probably use two 555s, with one set up to supply power to the second one long enough for it to generate 5 pulses.