Is there a way that i make or buy a floppy disk to sd adapter so that i can use a sd card in place of a floppy?

Something like the image, but the difference would be this: The cassette would be in place of a floppy disk, and the audio jack would be in place of a more hefty storage device, whether it be a usb or sd. I intend to use this so that i can use a camera that records to floppy, but use sd storage, if that makes sense

Picture of Is there a way that i make or buy a floppy disk to sd adapter so that i can use a sd card in place of a floppy?
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Look for floppy disk adapter on Ebay. I see one for $15 (including shipping) that records onto SM cards.

If you are willing to open up the camera and take the floppy drive out, you may have even cheaper options.
Umm... just buy this it is exactly what you want... there were 4 or 5 brands that made these adapters.
BillDaCatt8 years ago
For your question I have two pieces of advice; I sincerely hope they both help. <br /> <br /> The first piece is to purchase a <a href="">USB Floppy Drive</a>. Nearly all websites that sell computer hardware offer them. I own a Sony floppy drive and it works very nicely. Other than the previously mentioned MemoryStick Floppy adapter, I'm not aware of a better solution that stays within the spirit of your question. <br /> <br /> The second piece of advice I have is totally dependent on what your financial options are and it diverges from the spirit of your question. If you can afford it, <strong>get a new camera</strong>! This may seem like a cop out on my part, but I don't think so. I used to own a first generation digital camera. Though it did not tak a floppy disk, the card held very few pictures and the flash consumed batteries very quickly. My newer camera, even at five years old, can take hundreds of high megapixel flash pictures on one charge and the memory cards are so large that I could not fill even one without a great deal of effort. The latest pocket cameras in the $200 dollar range use even less power than my current camera does and use the newer SDHC cards. The 8GB SDHC cards are frequently selling for less than $20 dollars now. As an added bonus, many of these newer cameras will also shoot video! For you, I think a new camera would be money well spent. If cost is an issue, you may be able to find a one or two year old used camera on craigslist or ebay that suits your budget and will still be far better than what you currently have now.<br /> <br />
kelseymh8 years ago
Not very easily. The "cassette adapter" you show above is able to work because the tape player's read head is fixed in place. So the adapter simply puts an electromagnet in the place where that head sits and generates signals for it.

In a disk drive (floppy, hard, or CD) the read head moves along a radius, just like the needle on a phonograph (if you've ever seen pictures of one in your history books...). An adapter such as you describe would have to have a motor and moving arm which would move the electromagnet around in synchrony with the original drive's read head.

On the other hand, you could remove the floppy drive itself, leaving behind the connector and cable. An already published (and Featured) I'ble which shows up in the "Related" list here might give you some ideas.
lemonie8 years ago
I think this technically difficult, Does this have anything to do with an electronic-keyboard? If you know how data is managed to the floppy you might be able to do it, but you'd need some kind of interface. What exactly have you got? L