Is there a way to broadcast analog television on a non-commercial scale?

Basically what I'm asking is if there is a way that I could broadcast a Television signal from my home, without having to build a station. I was wondering if there could be a way to modify a HAM radio system or something along those lines to broadcast the system, Or if there is some other means by which i could take a signal and broadcast it.

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Dr.Bill8 years ago
FIRST GET YOUR HAM LICENSE no morse code needed then sstv becomes yours at as much as 1000 watts sound like fun? It IS! contact Read and heed what n7tcf has to say. He is a ham as am I. Get your Technician License. Its not hard at all anymore. Your VCR is a transmitter. I will tell you that if you take a VCR and hook a tv camera to it and an antenna amplifier to the output of the VCR and pump the signal to an ordinary TV Antenna, You will have a very directional TV transmitting station. Power output is a bit high to be totally legal. The FCC is always watching. If you live way out in the country you MIGHT get away with it. The antenna is a form of YAGI. I have a friend that did this with just the VCR and he was able to transmit movies to our house next door. Lot of noise in the picture but we enjoyed the movie. He did get away with it.
n7tcf8 years ago
Depending on which country you live in... Assuming USA; anyone can operate a very low power television signal as long as the power is within the allowed limits AND you can no interference to licensed signals. Ramsey Electronics is one source for this. Research FCC Part 15 rules. Your typical range is small, but that is because it is unlicensed, personal use.
rich_moe8 years ago
Well, how about a Video Camera, a VCR, and a TV Amplifier run in reverse connected to an antenna? Please, this is only for experimentation, not to subvert the FCC (or other legal entities in your country) and impinge on commercial television.
Lurch8 years ago
Licensing laws aside, I would assume you already have an analogue broadcast system in the form of anything that outputs an analogue signal. All you need is an antennae of some sort, anything from a loop of wire to something that fills the garden should suffice. What you want to transmit, and how far?
randofo8 years ago
You should check out the work of Tetsuo Kogawa. First read this and then check out some schematic here.

This is the best starting point that I know of.