Is there a way to connect a digital picture frame to a computer in order to display information?

I've seen little monitors that can display weather RSS and other random info, and i just thought using a digital picture frame would be a good substitute instead of an expensive little screen.  I'm just stuck on how I would connect the frame to the computer.  any ideas welcome lol

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It might be possible but the method would depend on the specific picture frame you're using.

Some frames can display web pages and in that case you could code anything you want to display. 

I made my own frame that runs without a hard drive (entire OS is loaded into memory and it boots from CD).  Mine displays photos from a file share on my network and I also have it display weather automatically every morning and night from a web page. Here is the weather page I created for it: I also use it for things like the NORAD Santa tracker come Christmas time for my kids.  The beauty is that I never need to touch the frame even when I make changes to the code. Everything is controlled remotely from a centralized PC in another room.

I may create a new instructable for this frame soon.  I know a lot of instructables have already exist on digital picture frames but I've yet to see one quite like mine.

As you can see, a lot can be done, but it depends on how much effort you want to put in to it.

Good luck!

 i want to see an instructable... sounds awesome
FYI, I finally created a detailed Instructable on this and entered it into the "Dead Computer" contest. Please vote for me (and rate it)!


oooo. I've been trying to get a weather display on my office status monitor. Any chance you'll release the source?
cyranohadden (author)  siliconghost7 years ago
That's really similar to what I was looking for.  Thanks for the help, I'll be sure to work on it sometime soon.
No problem on the help. If you feel my answer was the best please mark it as "best answer".  This isn't very intuitive on Instructables yet.

Based on your response and feedback from a few other people I think I may indeed make my frame into a new Instructable very soon.

- John
pr0n1x7 years ago
More about collage picture frames you can read on site
Kiteman7 years ago
The easiest way would be to take screen-shots of the information, use image-editing software to tidy them up (Paint is easily up to the job), and then save the images to the card you use in the frame.

That would be a good way for shops to display information in their windows, actually.  I'll have to tell my brother in law.

Kryptonite7 years ago
Technically this is impossible without a fair amount of work on the picture frame, because it's designed to just scroll through saved pictures. Without having your computer uplode weather images from the internet once every 5 minutes or so, this would be quite hard.
cyranohadden (author)  Kryptonite7 years ago
That's what I thought.  It would be tedious to build and even harder to connect to the computer.  Thanks though.