Is there a way to create your own CCTV video cameras from used digital cameras with the capability to take video?

Essentially I want to create a little army of my own CCTV cameras to install around the perimeter of my house as my own security system without relying on the expensive systems available for purchase at a security services store. my Idea is to have the camera wired to a central computer system where all the other cameras are hooked up to. the cameras would also be connected to my houses electrical supply versus powered on rechargeable batteries. the cameras would in effect be set onto the video taking setting for live streaming to the central computer where everything is stored. would this necessitate the creation of a program to accommodate multiple feeds ? Any tips/help/input/complete solution would be awesome thanks

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killa6967 years ago
Find a *cheap* camera with NTSC output. Find the voltage of the battery. Use a step down transformer from a phone charger, and use the transformer, if the voltage on the camera battery is lower use a resistor. Then, run the power cable to your computer. Plug in a NTSC cable and run that to the computer too. It should pick up as a a webcam. Now, find software that can stream live webcam, if the computer has multiple slots and the software has support for multiple webcams, you can run a server and hopefully remotely access the camera from anywhere with internet. You might have to google around to find software that will work. You could also use a website, im sure there are a few like this.
Some cameras output NTSC.
PKM8 years ago
My camera (Olympus C770, a consumer compact from a few years ago) comes with an A/V cable that feeds the viewfinder to a TV. If your computer can take this type of signal as an input then you don't need to use the camera's recording capability, but you might get the camera's "HUD" (exposure settings etc.) in the signal.
Robb8 years ago
low-end CCTV cameras are cheaper than low-end digital cameras. do not go to a security store, check ebay. you can probably find wired low-res cctv cameras for around 8$ a peice.|65%3A15|39%3A1|240%3A1318

you will need a tuner for your computer to accommodate the signals.
GrahamFischer (author)  Robb8 years ago
That looks incredibly economic, thanks!
Well I know it's possible with some Canon Camera's using a 3RD party memory card mod called CHDK with CHDK you can also use scripts to make it motion detection.
GrahamFischer (author)  Laser_PewPew8 years ago
That sounds really interesting, do you know what scripts they are or what language I would need to program them? Thanks for the input I'm going to check it out.