Is there a way to hook up a Ti-84 to my cell phone?

I want to hook up a Ti-84 to my PPC-6700. i was wondering if first if this is possible and second if this is a "good" way to get programs on to it... don't ask me why i cant just hook them up to my computer... i will just say that i cant. the way it would most likely work is through both of the usb ports... (one on each device).

frollard8 years ago
The ti connects thru a serial connection - the newer cables have a usb to serial converter built in. If your ppc has a usb host, it should automatically be able to 'talk' to the calculator.
girrrrrrr2 (author)  frollard8 years ago
it has a mini usb slot... i know that it may seem stupid to ask this... but could i just take 2 mini usb cables and hook them together so i have a mini usb on both sides?
you need the port on your ppc configured as host - which I'm not sure its capable of - as the calculator is definitely going to be in client mode.
girrrrrrr2 (author)  frollard8 years ago
i recently stepped on my PPC... and now it has a non-functional screen... so i guess that project is out... i was going to try to load up the schools calculators with some programs that i had loaded onto my phone, only because i didn't really want to fail the final exams...and i was only going to use my phone because they didnt let us take home the calculators and they didnt let us bring laptops to class...