Is there a way to make a giant mp3 player with speakers and a harddrive cheaply?

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Orkekum6 years ago
In theory.
a Mp3 player is a computer, that only plays music.

Has a memory(ex. harddrive)
Has a motherboard, CPU and tiny amount of RAM.
And controls(keyboard/mouse)

So if you can make a software(Operating software) for example, when you put on the computer, only thing you can do with it is to play music, and supports extra hard drives.
Just use an old laptop computer you can some times get them cheaply off craigslist
redbird019 years ago
Is this what you are talking about?
jtmax24 (author)  redbird019 years ago
yeah... I bought one as a gag gift, but noticed it was cheaply made and probably wouldn't be able to stand up to many throw downs, drops, or much abuse. I was just thinking that if you could make one or reinforce that one would be an ideal mp3 player.... for anyone that needed something that strong.
redbird019 years ago
Try being specific here. How big? How loud? How cheap?
jtmax24 (author)  fungus amungus9 years ago
Big as in physically big. I seen a giant mp3 at WalGreens for about $30 it was only 256MB but it made me think that if you built a big mp3 player it would be perfect for those who have trouble seeing, or maybe younger kids.
Doctor What9 years ago
Big, as in, 1980s cellphone big, or big, as in terabyte big?