Is there a way to make an everyday laptop into more of a toughbook?

I just want to be able to protect my laptop slightly more. I dont need it to withstand huge drops, or be super waterproof, but i want more protection than any simple cover can provide. maybe a few keyboard, screen covers, some rubber edges? Idk any ideas?

Dr. Pepper6 years ago
You can make something like this but modify it for your laptop.
Burf6 years ago
I made a set of 2" x 1 1/2" x 1/4" thick Sugru silicone corners (8 corners total) for my son's laptop and he carries it in a waterproof satchel. Its not up to Toughbook standards but it does add a significant amount of protection for short drops and bumps when setting it down, etc.
orksecurity6 years ago
Simplest: Carry it in a padded briefcase, or padded backpack?