Is there a way to make el wire with individually addressable segments?

My goal is to make part of a costume for halloween (or whatever) as a spectre from starcraft 2 (

An analogous system would be like the VI (audio level?) meters made from nixie tubes where segments can be addressed individually - except I'm interested in something flexible.

I was thinking about trying to make my own wire in the fashion that jeriellsworth builds hers... although I'm not sure I understand how to power the outer wires or how to wire them in a way to make individually addressable segments.  Is this project idea just too nuts to try to incorporate into a costume?

You'd do it with a bank of triacs, and a computer to sequence them all. EL wire is driven by reasonably high voltage AC, which is pretty easy to switch. I'd use opto-isolated triacs, like the MOC3041, for safety.
orksecurity7 years ago
You'd have to wire each segment separately.
rickharris7 years ago
You might be better off with LEDs as that much EL wire will cost.