Is there a way to make my pc detect my keyboard as a joystick?

I just received "x-wing vs. tie fighter" from my uncle and I don't have a joystick!
Is there a program out there that can make my pc detect my keyboard as a joystick?
Please Help!

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Vyger6 years ago
Buy one. Here is a good but cheap one .
lemonie6 years ago

Then you wouldn't have a keyboard... get a joystick.
Also, you cannot get the same functionality out of keys that a stick allows, which would be why the game requires a stick.

tvsamuel (author) 6 years ago
But I just got the game and it REQUIRES A JOYSTICK! It won't take anything else.
I need an emulator that is like joytokey except backwards. I need a keytojoy!
Please help!
Burf6 years ago
Use the arrow keys on your keyboard. You may have to enter the game set-up to make the changes but most games offer the option.
Vyger6 years ago
No , but many/most games have options to allow you to use the keyboard as a controller. Usually you can customize the settings to fit how you like to use it, such as what button or key does what action.
There used to be a sort of debate over which kind of controller was best. Some people are lightning fast on a keyboard but I believe that for fineness of control and realism nothing beats a good joystick. (or a gamepad)
I played Descent 3 for years and you could customize moves and program them into a button. I had a backward flip rollover and spin around button. When somebody was behind you all you had to do was hit it and you were behind them. It was cool. Then to many people hacked the game and cheated and it wasn't fun anymore.