Is there a way to submit ONLY a video that's not online (i.e. youtube)?

I want to submit this video on instructables but I already tried "video" and "instructable".  instructable was automatically unpublished, and i can't do video because it isn't on, and won't be on any website such as youtube.

kelseymh7 years ago

Not in the form of an I'bles "Video". Those are specifically set up to use XML embedding code to reference a video served from an external site (YouTube, Vimeo, whatever).

You can upload the binary file to your image library, and then attach it to a Forum Topic if you want. However, that will only work for people who happen to have the right media player installed on their system.

grooooovy (author)  kelseymh7 years ago
thanks! do you know a way i could publish something with the video in it without spending too much time on it?