Is there a way to transfer files from a External Hard drive to a PSP?

I have a PSP-1000 CFW, and i've been looking at memory cards.
And i was wondering if there was a way to use an external hard drive, connect it to the psp and transfer the files off the HDD onto the PSP by using the PSP and not using a computer,
so store files on 1TB HDD then take with me and put videos and other files onto psp.

TLDR, i want the files off a HDD onto psp by using the psp not computer.

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sIDsleeper7 years ago
I'm pretty sure you can find PSP HDD's on auction sites, but you can't use and ordinary external HDD because:
-the PSP doesn't have drivers for an HDD (The addon HDD is seen as a Memory Stick)
-the PSP is not capable of basic file management (except for deleting, IRSHELL has some options like copy, paste, rename and such though!)
-The PSP's USB interface combined with the maximum of 333MHz of speed the CPU is capable of is far from enough even for transfer between the devices, if you dont have a PC to host the transfer, and realtime read of files is most likely hopeless!

So...with everyday parts it is not feasible, though if you only want to read your files off the PC without copiing them to your PSP, I say read about IRSHELL+USBHost, which makes it possible to browse your PC with a PSP and access supported file formats right off your PC on the PSP.

Hope your question is answered.
Good Luck!
lemonie7 years ago
You might be able to fit the HDD into an external USB HDD enclosure, if the PSP will read it - and you'd know that I think.

askoman lemonie7 years ago
lemonie askoman7 years ago
looks like doesn't it?

askoman lemonie7 years ago
I have one and is the best way to take all the games, videos or music with you when you're traveling. For the all day use is a bit bulki but when you are on a trip or on holidays it's wonderful. I also use it with the cam cause it also works as an OTG and you can make a backup of the pictures without caring about the space of the memory card.
chibiwind (author)  lemonie7 years ago
the psp has a built in port for a memory stick to go in.
you plug the psp into a computer and the computer detects it.

I'll try your idea but i don't think psp is capable of detecting devices
Well, I said "if the PSP will read it" - don't spend money unless you're sure that it will.

askoman7 years ago
You have the option of the SPS witchain, Is what I use
kcls7 years ago
Im 99.99% sure that you cant. Lemonie's idea might work, but usually to transfer files, you need to use the computer to transfer the files into specific folders of the psp. You can't tranfer the files to the psp, from the psp.