Is there a way to use both solar power and wind power at the same time?

I would like to get off the power grid. I know I couldn't depend on wind power alone. I was wondering if it is possible to charge the batteries I would use from wind and solar power. How would the wiring work on a setup like that?

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ElevenChen4 years ago
Hummer wind turbine provides wind-solar hybrid controller. This years, wind-solar hybrid street lamp system is becoming more and more popular.

Hope it can bring inspiration to you.
Wind-solar hybrid generator.jpg
I use both wind and solar power in my off-grid cabin.

You need a power controller and they do make controllers that will handle both at the same time.

Solar power can just be shut off with no damage to the panels but wind generators must have a constant load or they will free spin and damage the generator and because they produce all the time you have to have a controller that will dump excess power to an appliance like a water heater.

These controllers are not that expensive and I suggest buying one instead of making one as you are dealing with high volts that can burn a house down!

You can see videos on my website for how to install solar and wind power and live off grid:

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mhkabir8 years ago
Check out Glen's controller:

Simplest ever DIY Controller. Either make two controllers, or, mod Glen's like this to take two inputs: just put TWO IN4001 diodes to the input wires. Make sure the silver ring on the diode is on the original in put wire end . Attach the wind inputs to the 2 diode input wires.Attach the solar to the original input wire.

I would suggest more dummy loads, though. A bank of 10 ,50 watt load resistors in paralell would suffice for the dummy load.

A normal 1000watt inverter connected to the battery bank would do, but remember to choose an 12v or 24v inverter according to your system voltage.

This will work nicely.Two variants, the first one for a series battery bank, the second on for a parallel battery bank for a 24v system :)

Ask if you have any questions!!

Good Luck!
Dr.Bill8 years ago
To hook both wind and solar all you need is a simple charge controler. Look at some of the wind ibles there is a guy has a place in arizona gives his schematic for free.
mhkabir Dr.Bill8 years ago
tipafo8 years ago
Yes, you would need a Hybrid DC/AC Inverter, such as this one:

Outback GVFX3648 3600W
Yes, you can certainly wire both your wind generator and solar panels into your system. We have had this kind of 'hybrid' setup for 15 years now in our off grid home.
DC wiring goes to your battery setup from your wind generator. Wire your solar panels to connect to the batteries, (know the voltage first) and run your panels to the batteries. If it is a 24 volt system then your panels should be wired to 24 volts.
You may need more batteries for more power storage.
A simple charge controller wired into the lead from the solar works great.
Then wire an inverter from your batteries. Again the same system voltage.
If you need more information just go to
How to build a wind generator
You can ask us any question there you want
Keeter8 years ago
There is a company called ARI SolarWind that makes hybrid solar/wind turbine. But, if you ran them seperately, you would need a voltage controller for each, wired into the battery, or array of batteries.