Is there an app for the new ipod touch (with bluetooth) that will allow me to make calls and text from it?

I am getting and ipod touch for Christmas.
The new ipod touch has come out (I don't think that it was that long ago that it came out) and since it has bluetooth, I was hoping that there would be an app for it, that would allow me to make calls and texts from it. I was hoping that the ipod touch could be connected to my phone via bluetooth and act as a bluetooth headset, so that I can call and text from it.

I'm not quite sure how to explain it, so lets say I write a text on the ipod touch (using an app which I'm asking about), then I send it. The message is then sent to my phone (via bluetooth) and the phone sends the message like usual, using up my phone credit. 

Hopefully I have got my point across. It would be greatly appreciated if you had an answer.
Thanks for your time.

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ipodcase6 years ago
hi there. u can use text plus 4 for free texting to whole Canada and all over USA. hope this helped you. have a good day
Lord_Merlin8 years ago
I have an 1st gen iPod Touch myself... as far as making calls I haven't found anything.

There are several online messaging apps that will allow you to send and recieve text as long as you have a wifi connection avaliable. is one of my favorites. It allows you to sign in with pretty much anybodys IM username (aim, yahoo, etc...) Most of these services will allow you to send and recieve to a mobile number.
RacerX11567 years ago
There is actually 2 apps one is Skype (you have to have a skype account and credit) That is for the phone! and then there is one for FREE texting called Textplus (download V. 4 for Picture messaging) all for free to anyphone
mizbiz37427 years ago
 you can download a texting app, but u need to be connected to the internet through wifi. heres the download link (directs to itunes): 
and here's a vonage app that will allow you to make calls, and again, you need to be connected to the internet: you need to pay a tiny price to make calls, but the app is free!
(directs to itunes again) =] hope i helped! =]
gmxx8 years ago
 certainly not in the app store. and most likely not even jailbroken. you can do sort of the same thing with a voip app and any mumber of the email to text apps. (not true texting, it sends it as an email to a phone)
Jareadx (author)  gmxx8 years ago
 That wouldn't really work, because I don't want to have to be near a wifi access point to use it. I don't have many wifi access points around me anyway.
gmxx Jareadx8 years ago
Im going to say it is not possible then. The 3rd gen can't be jailbroken with the iphone dev tools, so any options there are out, and any solution i have using app store apps would need wifi.

apple has locked the bluetooth down in the devices, so a lot of things dont work the same way over bluetooth with the itouch or iphone
Kinda sounds like you'd be better off just getting an iPhone.
Jareadx (author)  RavingMadStudios8 years ago
 I don't really want to get an iPhone because it is too expensive and I don't use the phone enough to justify the cost of an iPhone.

Apart from the cost, I would get an iPhone.
Sandisk1duo8 years ago