Is there an easiest way to navigate only the comments of an Instructable ?

To admins: When I want to see all the comments for an instructable, that are more than one page, I click the next page and then I have to scroll down the page, through all the instructable again, to the start of the next bunch of comments. Is there an easier way? Or, do you consider to put a "go to comments" button at the beginning of the page? Thank you in advance.

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Lord_Vek (author) 4 years ago
I just noticed that now when you navigate among numerous number of comments, it puts you at the start of them when you click next comments page. My thanks to whoever programmed this function!!!
Kiteman5 years ago
Hit the "page down" button a couple of times.

Given the tiny proportion of projects that end up with more than one page of comments, I doubt it's worth the effort of coding this functionality.
Lord_Vek (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
I answer a little late, sorry for that. The "page down" is what I do now. But, try that in a computer with slow dsl connection when the pictures are still loading and changing constantly the length of the page when with the "page down" you are in the position where the comments are starting. In an instructable ie like "Oogoo" with hundrents of comments. You would see what I mean.
Anyway, thanks for the answers, anyone!!! I just post the question wondering whether there is maybe some option/preference not found by me that would do the trick.
Re-design5 years ago
In the meantime, if you got a pro membership you can see all the instructable on one page. It's then easy to scroll to the bottom of the inst and start reading the comments.

If you don't want to buy a pro membership, create a really good instructable and get it featured and you get a 3 month pro membership.
iceng Re-design5 years ago