Is there any circuit simulation software better than proteus?

proteus has limited libraries especially maxim semicundoctors IC's and texas instrument IC's are very less ... so if one wants to simulate a circuit that is not in the library then what can be done ? 
is there any method to load library from outside or suggest me any other software 

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exabopper5 years ago
I was about to suggest LTSpice, but that's mostly op-amp, regulator, and discrete components. I don't think they have big digital chip libraries.
usbg3rd (author)  exabopper5 years ago
if u have that plz check that doesit contain lm383 (not lm386). ?
Yeah, sorry, I don't have it, but I googled "LTSpice libraries" and one site I found was this:
It lists a bunch of spice programs and has a big index of models. It also mentions that many manufacturers will have spice models on their websites along with data sheets and other info. You can look on the above page to see if there's a model. I looked on, and they have their own spice program, but I didn't see a 383 listed on that, and TI says it's obsolete. Good luck, try googling some more.
TiagoN22 years ago

if you want simulation in real time only proteus have this! this other programs, simulation is graphical!

ucpatnaik3 years ago

None in the market up till. Proteus is the best.

Plenty, but very little free stuff.
usbg3rd (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
what are the namesof the free ones ? are they better than proteus ?