Is there any free host that supports phpbb3 and has ftp access?

Read the title.

UziMonkey8 years ago
In my experience, free hosting is almost always a disappointment. Web hosting is ridiculously cheap most of the time. You can get plans for $5 a month and under, perfect for hosting a phpbb forum. Some even have cpanel configured to be able to automatically install phpbb for you, and to be able to be automatically updated when patches are released.
Berkin8 years ago
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Gamer5797 (author) 8 years ago
So killerjackalope is saying I might check that out. UziMonkey, maybe I'll look for those too.
I use, I'm reasonably sure they support all php, definitely most of it and give you FTP access. They're free and support most coding stuff as far as I know, though some things need activated, not at any cost though.