Is there any fun projects to do with 35% hydrogen poroxicde???

I have a case of 35% hydrogen poroxcide ???? I have a case of it siting in my garage and I dont want to throw it out

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If you take apart a battery . for example a d-cell and peal off the outter cover and the tops and such. Then if i remember right, there is about a 1/4 rod of some substance that is in the middle. throw that out and then grind up black outter part. If you combine that with hydrogen peroxide you end up forming oxygen gas. Atleast that is how i remember it going about 10 years ago.
Johenix8 years ago
Hydrogen peroxide breaks down into water (H2O) and Oxygen (O2). 35% Hydrogen peroxide is as caustic as acid. It will quickly break down into live steam and Oxygen when squirted on a catalyst such as Manganese Dioxide (found around the carbon rod of a dry cell battery, or in an old chemistry set.)
frollard8 years ago
How old is it? That stuff only has a very short shelf life, as the H2O2 is happy to break down over time into H2O and H2.
west49rules (author)  frollard8 years ago
Its been sitting there for quite a while, about three years I just found it yesterday doing a spring cleanup in my garage
It probably very dilute by now. Fun Fact: The reason they put it into non-transparent brown bottles is because light actually causes it to deteriorate into H2O and H2 gas. But really, peroxide isn't really good for much at all. Except for fueling jet-packs and bleaching your hair.
lemonie8 years ago

See how long you can hold your finger in it?


(no, don't)