Is there any kind of clear material that changes clarity when electricity is passed through?

I mean a glass-like material that, when electricity passes through it, acts more like frosted glass. Not LCD though, because that only gets darker.

jeff-o6 years ago
But of course!
rickharris6 years ago
Err how do you want it to change clarity?? How big?? There may be exotic materials that are not going to be cheap.
Super_Nerd (author)  rickharris6 years ago
I wasn't intending to actually get the material. I just was wondering if such material exists. By changing clarity I mean the more current that runs through the material the more frosted the glass looks. My idea was a form of electric curtain that when the light level gets higher the window blocks more light, or if you turn on a switch no one can see through the window.
Whether an LCD gets lighter or darker depends on the setup of its polarizers, not the technology - take a look at a welding mask sometime.