Is there any one else that thinks the new home page sucks.?

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orksecurity7 years ago
As long as Answers is back on the header bar, I'm content. (Or almost content -- I sorta wish I could set that to jump to "most recent" rather than starting at Featured.)
acidbass7 years ago
I would not say it sucks but it is just unusual just like when they changed the categories
zascecs7 years ago
Yes, I already made a forum topic similar to this...
Re-design7 years ago
I seldom go to the home page either. I go right to my comments page and on from there.

It looks okay to me as is.  I do know that it has been changed several times lately.  I'm not really sure what I'm looking at on the home page.  I assume that it's the featured instrucables.  So if your instrucable isn't featured it will never show up on the home page.  I could be wrong, but I don't think so.

Anyway I complained enough about the "Answers" link being taken off so that they put it back on.  SO, I'm not going to complain any about the layout of the home page anymore.
I tend to agree I with both Kiteman & Orksecurity I only fleetingly see the homepage most of the time. Perhaps you could shed a little light on the subject by being a bit clearer, what exactly do you think "sucks" about it? You may find if you a bit more specific you will get more helpful feedback.
orksecurity7 years ago
Looks fine to me, but as Kiteman pointed out I usually skip past the homepage pretty quickly.
Kiteman7 years ago
There may be, but they will be in the minority.

Many regular users don't even use the homepage - I have my browser set to open directly to my comments page, and I explore from there.
caarntedd7 years ago
Jayefuu7 years ago
I like it better now I'm used to it. I like that popular instructables don't boot featured ones off the home page. And I like that if I put an instructable in a lesser used category it will stay on the home page for longer.